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  • Development Strategies

    Adhere to the correct direction of development, adopt upright, unusual and flexible development strategy, that is, center on creating customers’ value in all innovation and reform, and take "three truth" as the requirement, build a first class domestic, international competition edge electronic material enterprise.


    01.True High-tech

    In response to national strategic demands and market development trend, to promote independent technological innovation, and to break the international blockade. 

    02.True Industrialization

    To realize the productization and marketization of technology, and to promote the development of substitution import and domestic industry.  

    03.True Globalization

    On the basis of substituting imports and satisfying domestic market demand, to carry out global business distribution and constantly build the international competition edge. 


    Adhere to the pioneering-team-based system, the innovation of science and technology, and the industry revitalization, strive to realize the MO Source as the first in the world, the electronic special gas as the first-class in the country and the industrialization success of 193 nm photoresist.